John Broich 

Historian and essayist 





Hitlers Man on British Radio,, March 2017.


Did the Muslim World Really Fall for Hitler?, March 2017.


Triumph of the F-You Boys: How Trump Won the Anti-Establishment Vote That Mattered,, February 2017.


2017 isnt 1984 its stranger than Orwell imagined, The Conversation /, January 2017.

Radio appearance discussing this piece on BYU Radio; a related radio piece for WAMC.


The Priest Turned Media Mogul Who Stirred Up a Populist Frenzy,, January 2017.


Normalizing Fascists, The Conversation /, December 2016.

Radio appearance discussing this piece at WNPR.


The Real Reason Charles Dickens Wrote A Christmas Carol,, December 2016.


What Charles Dickenss Britain Has to do with the 2016 Election, History News Network, November 2016.


How extralegal actions with a veneer of normalcy can lead to a nightmare, Minnpost, November 2016.


We asked 16 historians if Donald Trump is a fascist this is what they said,, October 2016.


The Shocking Story of Hitlers Jewish Spy,, February 2016.


Farage in Cleveland, City Club of Cleveland Blog, July 2016.


The History of Municipal Water, The Academic Minute, November 2013.




November 2017 from Duckworth Press, Squadron: Ending the African Slave Trade.


London: Water and the Making of the Modern City (Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press, 2013).


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