John Broich, PhD ABOUT
John Broich received his PhD from Stanford University in 2005 and is a professor of British Empire history, WWII history, and environmental history at Case Western Reserve University. Most of his research and writing centers on the history of race, racism, and colonialism. His first book, London: Water and the Making of the Modern City, is about how the fight to create a single water authority for London and find a new source of water for the city in the late 1800s was also a fierce debate about socialism and the proper role of city government. His second book, Squadron: Ending the African Slave Trade, is about what happened when a group of Royal Navy captains witnessed the horrors of the slave trade first hand in the Indian Ocean in the 1860s. The British government gave them very limited authority to intervene, but their consciences compelled them to do so, with dramatic consequences. The book is about the inherent tension between laissez-faire Liberalism versus humanitarian intervention in the name of simple justice. Broich's third book, Blood, Oil, and the Axis: The Allied Resistance Against a Fascist State in Iraq and the Levant, is about a sudden crisis in spring 1941 when it appeared that the Axis powers would win a large oil supply and tens of thousands of allied troops due to a coup in Iraq and Vichy French collaboration in Syria and Lebanon. A blow-by-blow account of an international coalition's efforts to thwart this, the book is also about the spiritual civil war nearly every nation on the globe had to fight in those dark days between those in favor of fascism and those in favor of pluralism and democracy.