Blood, Oil, and the Axis tells the story of the remarkable alliance of fighters from around the globe who rushed to stop the Axis from forming a fascist state in Iraq and the Levant and seizing an oil supply sufficient for all of its war needs.

“Like ‘Casablanca’ meets the ‘English Patient.’ ….Broich tells the story with…an impressive ability to summarize big-picture complexities.”  —The Wall Street Journal

Squadron: Ending the African Slave Trade follows a group of Royal Navy captains as they hunted slavers in the Indian Ocean in the late 1860s. When they saw the horrors of the slave trade up close, their personal commitment to crushing the trade ran up against their directions from the British government with extraordinary results.

“Broich…has meticulously crafted an engaging narrative that reads like a novel. …Filled with political intrigue and geopolitical struggle…this page-turner is sure to entertain and inform a wide audience.” —Booklist

London: Water and the Making of the Modern City tells the story of the creation of London’s first municipal water supply. Along the way, the matter of water became wrapped up in fantastic visions of what the modern city could do for the future of human civilization.

“Clearly written…offers fresh insights into the intricate political maneuverings dealing with London water.” —Choice